Interviewing Techniques

Blue Steel Training Sessions

Blue Steel training sessions are concise and easy to understand. Each session lasts 7-10 minutes and the training is delivered by well-interviewing experts Steve Bowers and Jim Leach. These excellent videos can be seen on YouTube Channel Tennessee Underground! *** For a limited time these valuable training videos are being

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As we have talked before, one of the leading causes of violent behavior is STRESS. Change of any kind, good or bad, can cause stress and we are ALL going through a lot of changes right now. When we are confronted with an angry person or a person we think

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THE INVESTIGATOR – Truth vs Perception

  Brad McCoy and The Investigator, Jimmie Leach have a candid conversation about interviewing practices and techniques. Various issues are discussed and real-life police stories are used to illustrate the techniques. These methods are not only effective in police investigations but are valuable communication tools for Human Resource Directors, Educational Professionals, and

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