COCAINE RALPH – Where’s Ralph!!

It had been about a week since Ralph had fronted us a pound of cocaine for $5,000. The last time we saw him, he was walking into his trailer with our money and we were leaving the area with the coke! We had been hanging out at the cabin for

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It’s Gotta Be Cocaine!!

In the couple of months since we had been living next to Ralph, he had given us two small samples of his product. Cocaine. He told me he went to Savannah Ga. to pick it up from a ship that came from South America. According to him, the coke was

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I Thought I Heard Footsteps!

We were working undercover in a rural area near the Tennessee/Alabama state line. Our next-door neighbor happened to be a large scale cocaine dealer who was supplying drugs to some high-level dealers in that area. There were 3 of us living in the cabin. We were all TBI Agents. There

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  Way back in 2016 Bowers and Leach had a candid discussion with one of the best narcotics investigators in the country, Gary Azbill. Gary had recently retired as a Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Prior to that, he worked with Jimmie Leach at the Tennessee Highway

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